UNESCO World Day for Audiovisual Heritage
It's Your Story. Don't Lose It."
Conference and Film Screenings
17-19 October 2017, Kadir Has University, Cibali Campus

27 October is accepted as the World Day of AV Heritage by Unesco.
Audio-visual recordings, films, radio and television programs, advertisements as the audio-visual heritage materials belong to the cultural heritage.The preservation of the audio-visual products, works and materials for the future is cruical as they belong to the knowledge and culture accumulation and help to raise awareness in this perspective.
As Turkish National Commission for Unesco we planned a three days event including a conference and film screenings between 17-19 October 2017 at Kadir Has University, Istanbul in cooperation with Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Istanbul and supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. 
Academics, scholars and experts working on the subject of audio-visual heritage and its preservation from Turkey, Serbia, Romania, Italy and England are participating in the conference to share their knowledge and experience. The conference and film screenings are open to students, academics and researchers. The end session of the conference will provide a forum to discuss the topics of the audio-visual heritage and its preservation among the participants and with the audience.
The conference proceedings will be published.


Deniz Bayrakdar
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